Luga Lucerne, a complete success

Over 19,000 impressions could we during the fair on thedigital platform  Luga Club identify.

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That puts us in comparison to all the exhibitors at the fair among the TOP 5 in the RANKING!

Luga Luzern, ein voller Erfolg -

More than 760 visitors were at our booth and bought the tea by the spoon Spoondrink or the unique drinking bottle Pressa Bottle .

We noticed that an enormous number of visitors at our booth SU7 in hall 1 said " ahh, that's the new SPOONDRINK " or" look, that must be the special drinking bottle PRESSABOTTLE " stopped.
Without thinking about it further, we were able to win many new customers and inspire people with our products.

Luga Luzern, ein voller Erfolg -

When Daniela Barmettler, Communications & Media from the Luga team, came to our stand accompanied by a photographer and told us that we had a top ranking, a few things became clear. WE ARE TAKEN TRUE!

We would like to thank all customers and interested visitors for coming by.


Luga Luzern, ein voller Erfolg -


it has us really fun with you trade fair visitors about our products...

  • to talk shop
  • compared to current trends
  • to talk about customer benefits
  • to explain the requirements for sustainable products from your point of view
  • to discuss today's megatrend health 
  • as well as exchanging information about God and the world.

We listened and took many of your ideas.

Luga Luzern, ein voller Erfolg -


Also a Many thanks to the exhibition team . The entire trade fair operation was excellently organised.

We are already looking forward to Luga 2023.


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