Stainless steel LunchBox filip® new in the range

New in assortment • the stainless steel LUNCHBOX filip®

It exists, the all-rounder - are you already a Meal Prep pro?

filip® is 100% SURFACEABLE and can be used in a variety of ways:


    - BAKING

    - FREEZE

    - REGENERATE food in the MICROWAVE

    - can be used as a SNACK BOX


    Die Cook & Keep Lunchbox überzeugt mit

    - highest stainless steel quality

    - high quality workmanship

    - versatile usability

    - in the endurance test in stability

    - in the design of longevity and sustainability

and the Platinum Silicone lid with pressure relief valve!

Cool, isn't it?
Profit now from the Introductory offer!

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