Swiss CBD oils


Naturify builds the expertise of essential oils with products based onFull spectrum CBD extract from.

ThatCBD from the hemp plant is known as a miracle cure.

Unlike the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) of the hemp plantCBD no intoxicatingEffect and therefore does not addicted.

That true potential of CBD has not yet been adequately explored but will him said to have many positive qualities .

CBD has great potential outside of the medical field.

And that's exactly where we start with Naturify!

  • Raw Materials and Manufacturing from Switzerland
  • everything after Cultivated organic guidelines
  • highest quality tested by independent laboratories
  • All from a single source , from the plants to the drops

The Swiss CBD fragrance oil made from high-quality medical hemp is now available in our shop:

  • with a CBD percentage of 10%
  • with a CBD percentage of 20%
  • as a massage oil with CBD content from 5%

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