Fragrant experiences

Essential Oils are capable of much more than just smelling good. You are a true treasure for our health and our mind .

Plants produce essential oils to protect themselves from pests or to attract insect pollination. The noble liquids are usually obtained by steam distillation. One professional and especially Gentle production method is very important for the quality of the oil . It is particularly important that no foreign substances are contained in the product . Artificial fragrances can cause headaches and completely miss the natural effect.

Strong effect

The effect of the essential oils unfolds on different levels. The olfactory nerve is particularly closely connected to the limbic system in the brain. That explains why Scents evoke strong emotions and memories be able. For example, the limbic system plays an important role in memorization and also in recalling what has been stored. The scent stimuli can cause a release of messenger substances, which can create well-being, for example. Special blends of essential oils be able soothing , relaxing , encouraging or attention-grabbing Effect to have.

Diffusers (nebulizers) are ideal for this.

the positive effect always comes from pure essential oil from the plant. This effect cannot be provoked by a synthetically produced version. That is why the quality, i.e. the purity of the oil, plays a decisive role .

Practical and versatile

Aromatherapy still relies on natural, high-quality essences, although many ingredients are (unfortunately) synthetically produced today and are therefore available very cheaply.

The wonderful thing about aromatherapy lies not only in its sensuality, but also in its ease of use. Everyone can integrate natural flavors into everyday life.

The internal use of essential oils, for example in the form of capsules or tablets, requires a significantly higher level of competence.


The classic: lavender oil

Lavender and its effects have a long tradition. It is obtained from the lavender plant (Lavandula angustifolia). It smells wonderfully floral, fresh, clean and calming.

Important note: Essences of the cheaper but similarly smelling plant lavandin are often offered as real lavender. However, lavandin contains camphor, which is not suitable for our skin and can cause redness.

One Lavender oil full body massage or a Lavender Oil Bath canatNervousness, sleep disorders, stress, fears, panic attacks and overstressed skin have a supporting effect.  

Lavender in the closet A fragrant thing!!

Scented sachets filled with dried lavender flowers enriched with a few Drops of lavender essential oil leaves the laundry smelling fresh and helps against moths in the closet .


What to look out for

  • Always make sure to use a 100% natural, high quality essential oil. If it's very cheap, you can bet it's not good quality.

  • Essential oils are usually used in diluted form and must be kept away from the eyes and mucous membranes. If something does get into your eyes, you should always wash it out thoroughly with an ingestible vegetable oil (olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, etc.) or milk.

Caution: Never wash out with water, as this intensifies the burning effect even more!

We would be happy to advise you if you would like to know more about essential oils.

When it comes to using essential oils, experience and expertise are important. We will be happy to answer your questions and introduce you to the wonderful world of essential oils.

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