• Our colour is GREEN - not black

    Die Alternative zur Black Friday Week

  • Cocoa bean - power of 300 active ingredients

    Start the winter with vital antioxidants!

  • Arrived at the menopause?

    Was hat das mit uns Männer zu tun? ... sehr viel würde ich sagen!
  • Why viruses are eliminated by washing hands with natural soap

    Natural soaps turn off viruses !

  • Your liver is a true high-performance machine!

    If the liver is not fit you are not efficient

  • Vegan leather is socially acceptable!

    The alternative to animal leather is called "cactus leather"

  • Swiss CBD oils

    We expand the range with CBD Oils

  • Stainless steel LunchBox filip® new in the range

    The meal prep pro!

  • Natural soaps for healthier personal hygiene

    Each soap is unique

  • Luga Lucerne, a complete success

    There was a lot going on at our booth

  • Secure your free entry to the LUGA Luzern

    Free admission to the LUGA Lucerne

    Secure your ticket now!

  • Spring fair LUGA Lucerne

    In the start-up zone is actively set up.